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Customer Service
The customer service, provided by JM Service, is done with its own employees with substantial technical knowledge and use of products. This gap gives a greater security to consumers, who already have in a first contact all the information you need.
Personal Service for Dealer
Commercial conglomerates (dealers), due to the large volume of business, stock movements and the number of its outlets, require a differentiated performance of technical assistance. JM Service has professionals dedicated to this activity, which act preventively, checking on their deposits the products they need technical assistance, and prevent wear between manufacturers, importers and dealers when there is accumulation of faulty products.
Autorizada On Line
For companies that are interested in maintaining an after-sales service itself, JM Service has developed highly reliable software – in use for over eight years on the market - which is designed to meet all technical assistance activities. AutorizadaOnLine has appropriate space for the repair shop, the manufacturer or importer and any related companies with operations in logistics, help desk, call center...
Technical Documentation
JM Service develops the service manuals from industrial design or the product itself. This documentation has all the information necessary to ensure that the repair shop conduct a reliable repair. The material is available on-line at the site of JM Service, ensuring your upgrade permanently.
Management of repair shop
A network of 700 repair shops, distributed nationwide, operates under the administration of JM Service, participating in the activities of product repair, reverse logistics and sale of parts and accessories. The management includes the opening and closing of repair shop, monitoring of repairs, technical and commercial support, and routine visit to the repair shop located at the poles SĂŁo Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
The efficiency of the repair shop depends on the ease of access to technical support it has available. To meet this requirement, JM Service maintains a staff trained and available on-line through phone, chat, and e-mail.
Quality Information
The frequent analysis in the repairs made under warranty, allows customers to JM Service learn quickly possible flaws in their products. Staff dedicated to the quality area produces monthly monitoring reports, alerting when there are deviations not acceptable to the consumer, to indicate where there is a need for intervention by the manufacturer to improve his production process in order to minimize failure rate in the field.
JM Service open your business a range of services in logistics operations, able to work from simple planning needs after-sales, even in a more comprehensive, storage and distribution of parts and equipment replacement. This activity is essential for the warranty repairs are carried out under the conditions stipulated by the Code of Consumer Protection.
Repair Shop Master
For customers who are starting their marketing of products manufactured locally or imported, JM Service offers the option with a reverse logistics.

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